We’re pioneers of IT sustainability, reinventing repair, responsible recycling, and radical reuse. Our end-to-end approach seamlessly combines cutting-edge repairs, eco-conscious recycling, and next-gen reusability. We’re not just dreaming of a greener future; we’re engineering it, where electronics evolve beyond the linear and embrace the circular.



Our Circular Economy Marketplace is an exciting endeavor that’s currently in development as part of our future plans.


We prioritize data security in our ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) services. To ensure effective data erasure, we use data validation, confirming that your data is permanently removed and irrecoverable. This process also ensures compliance with relevant regulations. For every data-bearing asset, we maintain a thorough tracking system, and we provide a Certificate of Data Erasure. These certificates serve as both a record-keeping measure and a testament to our commitment to data security and responsible electronics management.


Integral to our electronics management. Covering evaluation, repurposing, resale, and recycling, all while minimizing environmental impact. Our approach is tailored to align with your goals, ensuring efficient value recovery and secure data handling. We leverage our repair expertise to increase the percentage of reuse, reducing waste and promoting a greener world. Utilizing our services means you’re actively participating in eco-conscious electronics management, aligning with our commitment to a better planet.


Electronics repair is at the heart of what we do. Our expert technicians skillfully breathe new life into devices through meticulous repairs, restoring functionality and value. From smartphones to laptops and beyond, we’re your go-to partner for addressing issues both big and small. Our commitment to quality and precision ensures that your devices are returned to you in optimal condition, reducing electronic waste and promoting sustainable usage.

Circular Economy

A visionary platform where electronics will discover new homes, and untapped value will be rekindled. This innovative marketplace will provide a unique space for the purchase, sale, and exchange of pre-loved electronics, significantly extending their usefulness and reducing the demand for constant new production. It’s a testament to our commitment to reshaping consumption patterns and fostering a more conscientious way of interacting with technology.


Founded by a diverse mix of serial entrepreneurs, engineers, and former Tesla members with extensive backgrounds in both retail and corporate tech.

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